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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Devaluation of Paper Money Can’t Be Stopped

We believe that the devaluation of paper money can’t be stopped and is ongoing, we are at the end of a cycle. First of all the middle class, which act as an important buffer against boom/bust cycles in the economy, needs to be wiped out before the financial imbalances can sort their effect. The problems in Europe won’t be reversed, we have passed the tipping point, politicians and monetary authorities try to rescue the situation purely for their own benefit: re-election! Next to that they are not really addressing the structural problems that have brought us in the situation we are in. In fact what the politicians are doing is exhausting the system for the inevitable break down. The same is happening in the US where the housing market keeps on deteriorating, a development we predicted several years ago. Don’t be surprised if the housing market in the US will fall by another 50%. The reason is, that as previously stated, mortgage owners don’t have any real responsibility for their mortgages and can thus walk away whenever it suits them. And the more the market deteriorates the more homeowners will walk away.

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