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Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Fight of Physical and Paper Silver

The Elite have literally thrown everything they have at the silver markets to try to make silver investors weak in the knees and cry uncle. Like a bully trying to take your lunch money by twisting your arm. This can only end one of two ways; you give up and the banksters laugh or you stand up and say enough! These tactics may work on some paper traders who are literally forced by margin calls. For those who have listened to me, and bought only physical, this recent manipulation is only a subsidized discount to buy more, for less.


The Real Silver high is close to $450, not the nominal high of $50. I even made the historical case for $960 silver. Gold has almost doubled it’s 1980 nominal high and silver barely touched it, and now it is 30% below that in 4 days. Seriously, are people really worried about $36 silver?! I will be sleeping like a baby tonight. We are only back to when we roaring about the silver bull 5 weeks ago…

The very fact that the CME has not raise the requirements on commodities like oil, corn, or gold should show how important it is for the banksters to keep silver under control. After this knock down, we will reach a point where any weak hands will be gone for good. At that point the debt ceiling will be raised and the Fed will continue to print the money necessary to fund the nearly $4 trillion of debt that needs to be rolled over the next 2 years. Once this raid is done, the all clear will be signaled and the physical market will recover just as quickly as the paper market got smacked down.
-The Final Fight

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