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Thursday, May 19, 2011

LinkedIn Stock Surges After Going Public

The initial public offering was at roughly 45 dollars per share. That nearly doubled in mid-day trading. Is it valued dangerously high?


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But is LinkedIn worth -- 100 dollars a share? The Daily Beast’s Gary Rivlin says, hype can be a dangerous thing. He talks with investment analyst David Menlow about those jumping and buying in too high.

“‘I’d put those people on suicide watch.’ … He anticipates those buyers will wind up paying ‘tree-top tall prices—and then finding the limb they’re out on breaking."

LinkedIn's Big Ripoff

Thinking of buying shares of LinkedIn, the social networking company scheduled to make its stock market debut on Thursday? You might want to reconsider after listening to David Menlow and other investment pros who spend their days monitoring the market for initial public offerings.

Sure, buying shares in LinkedIn makes sense if you’re a favored client of Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, or any of the other big banks putting together the LinkedIn deal and have access to the inside price, says Menlow, president of, an independent research company. But for those purchasing shares once LinkedIn starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange and the price soars?-With Facebook and Twitter still privately held, investors are hot for the next best thing with the networking site's public offering. But once the banks and insiders get their fill, Gary Rivlin asks, will mom and pop investors get burned?

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